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We are always changing the schedule to meet demand.
Call or come to our store and see what we have planned.

Stop in and pick up a class schedule.

All classes are $15.00 per session.
Buy a Five Class Card for $60 and get a free class!

With our new expanded space we have More room!
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These are just some samples of classes we have had:

Knitting Classes
Classes all day long. Come for one session or a project.

Toothbrush Rug
Learn to make a rug using Aunt Philly's rug technique. Class fee $25.00. Supplies extra.

Valentine Card Class
Make Valentine cards for your loved ones. 2 hour class make 3 or 4 cards for $10.00

Scenic Card Class
2 hours. Using special stamps and techniques create cards that look like photos of the area. Class fee $20.00.

Lace Card Class
2 hours. Learn to use brass templates to create unique designs. Class fee $15.00.

Wire Ribbon Roses
Learn to make two styles of roses. Great for a vest or pin. Class fee $15.00. Supplies extra.

Sewing Class
Review sewing techniques. Practice sewing. Review cutting out patterns. Class fee $25.00

Cloth Santa Doll
Use a Barbara Willis Pattern. Make a Santa Doll for Christmas. Class fee $60.00. Supplies Extra.

Painted Floor Covering
Learn to paint, stencil, and stamp a floor covering on canvas. Class fee $65.00. Supplies extra.

Painting on plates
Learn to paint a design on a glass plate. Class fee $30.00. Supplies extra.

Cloth Doll Class
Use a Barbara Willis Pattern. Make a Doll for spring. Class fee $60.00. Supplies Extra.

Quilting Class
Learn to make a Log Cabin Quilt using "A Quilt in a Day" method. Class is $60. Includes book. Supplies extra.

Silk Ribbon Embroidery
Learn simple stitches and create a small bag. Class fee $15.00. Supplies extra.

Learn to make pansies. These are great for gifts or to decorate a vest. Class fee $15.00. Supplies extra.

Card Class
2 hours. Learn new techniques to make your cards for Easter. Class fee $10.00.

Soft Doll Class
Make a soft doll for your bed or a grandchild. Class fee $60.00. Supplies Extra

Doll Clothes
Make doll clothes for 18 inch doll. Class fee $30.00. Supplies extra.

Boxes For All Occasions
2 hours. Learn how to make different shaped paper boxes for those little gifts. Class fee $10.00. Supplies extra.

Tote Bag
Create folded flowers and quilt the bag at the same time. Class fee $30.00 Supplies extra.

Squash Book Class
Create a memory book for your graduate. Class fee $10.00 Supplies extra.

Painting Class
Learn to paint a design on a glass plate. Class fee $30.00. Supplies extra.

Note Cards with Portfolio
Make 4 cards and a portfolio for the cards. Makes a great gift. Class Fee $15.00.

Mohair Teddy Bear Class
Make a mohair teddy bear. Class fee $60.00. Supplies extra.

Doll Clothes Workshop
Need help dressing your doll? Schedule your own workshop for your doll.

All Occasion Cards
Make cards to use for all occasions. Learn several techniques. Class fee $10.00

Butterfly Cards
Learn new techniques for doing butterflies. For 2 hours. Class fee $10.00

Cherry Cards
Card class. Make cards to use that promotes our favorite product. Learn new techniques and make several cards. For 2 hours. Class fee $10.00.

Bear Class
Interested in making a bear? Call me and we'll set up a class tailored to your needs.

Call us for information, prices, and reservations.

Please register two weeks before classes. We must plan for supplies. Classes are limited to 6 people.
Call for last minute registrations. Classes will be added as demand indicates.

Flying Cat Beads of Northport
Alice conducts her earring class.
Porcelain, glass, and stone beads.

Class in Northport

Class held in Mount Pleasant

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